27 lug 2011


The madness of this norwegian killer whose name will NOT be remembered here, reminds me of something else. About 100 years ago, many political parties were active in Europe: the socialists, the anarchists, the communists, the fascists..

Are we ready to deal with them? Rom kids in Shutka, Macedonia

I want to speak about the latter ones. Respected and dignified countries such as Great Britain and France were at that time quite easy going with the daring machism of countries like Italy, which in 1911 invaded Libya and took it from the Ottoman Empire. Great Britain and France were ok with it. Later on, much later ok, but it proves the point, the Reich of Hitler conquers Austria and then it invades Poland. Great Britain and France were ok with it. They called it "appeasement".
The truth is, as it was largely shown also by academics in the recent years, that many European countries actually appreciated and encouraged fascisms, in opposition to bolsheviks, which by then, in 1917, had made "communism" a real enemy. That's how italian fascism and german nazism got to power, by using first the label "socialism" and then switching to a nationalist, racist, exoteric root.
After a war and a few genocides around the world, the European Union has become the symbol of the highest standard of democracy in the world (is it?). Thanks to the great hope it has sparked in eastern European countries, the EU can now say "we stand for democracy and human rights".

Afghan kids in Patras, Greece

It might sound weird that a country like Norway has decided to be outside of the EU, but in any case, it doesn't seem strange to me that somebody out there is actually planning to go back to the real European spirit, the one that has made us build up the European Fortress itself.
Since the time of Delors, great politician behind the empowering of the EU, this very peculiar confederation of States has set itself the goal to be better than the rest, therefore following the path of positivism, eurocentrism and an invisible will to dominate, with the good, or with the bad manners.
Charles is from Sudan and he wants to seek asylum in the UK
On one side we have a Europe which strives to be politically correct, acknowledging rights to Rom or to gay people, on the other hand we have a Europe that cannot stand being confronted by lesser nationalities. Among the latter, we can find awful European Parliament member Mario Borghezio, who recently stated how the ideas behind the Norway massacres are "100% good".
It's up to us to decide whether to be facing the crisis with poorer people coming at our doors, or shoot at them in the face as soon as they approach the borders of our countries. Eventually, the hatred speeches, racism on any level will bring to that point. Or else, we can avoid choosing at all, making it much easier for both -the desperate and the racist - to fight each other while we think our views are just too unique to be summed up in a geopolitical struggle. 
Europe was born after great tragedies, do we need new ones in order to create a better union, or shall we learn history and do our best in order to avoid a very near disaster?

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